Since I conveniently missed my “decade of gainful employment as a web developer” post last year, I’ll make it up with a “oh wow, this blog is a decade old” post.

There’s not much to say, considering my output was sorely lacking over the past 3 years. BUT, I still dutifully renewed my domain name over the past ten years, and kept the dependencies on the site up-to-date, with an occasional blog post thrown in for good measure.

I have never changed the design on my site, even though I did refactor the code multiple times over the years. And did one major migration from Jekyll to Hugo back in 2020.

When I came up with the site design, I wanted it to feel like me, and clearly I haven’t evolved much as a human being, because the site still feels like me, so I’m keeping the design.

I’ve changed companies too many times to count, but have been lucky enough to still be doing the job that I like, and earning enough to pay my bills. My dream is to retire!

The crazy conference speaking life ran from 2017 to 2019 until the pandemic came around, and I’m grateful I got those opportunities. Because I have terrible social skills, and don’t meet new people on my own.

Yes, I’m fine with not leaving my house for 5 days and still be happy. Being locked down during the pandemic didn’t negatively impact me a lot to be honest. Though I did become exceptionally lazy to be social. Maybe that’s the downside.

My friend who became my colleague is now my boss. He has not fired me yet. That’s good, because I still want a salary. We do our work out in the open, so maybe that’s why I’m more compelled to start writing again.

Anyway, that’s all. Here’s a photo of #notmycat looking handsome.

Hei is a handsome black community cat that is an outside cat but climbs in through my window to take naps on rainy days

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