Work experience

I'm currently a Senior Frontend Developer at Shopify on the Website Platform team where we work on and all its regional sites.

As a Developer Advocate, my job is to build relationships and support the developer community through learning, creating, sharing and helping others. I act as the interface between developer communities and the Nexmo product team to ensure our products provide a great developer experience.

  • Building and maintaining quick start samples, demos, example apps and other developer productivity tools and enablers
  • Writing blog posts and tutorials, and using social media in order to share knowledge, request feedback, collaborate and engage with fellow developers
  • Contribute to and provide feedback on APIs, SDKs, documentation and product functionality through hands-on development, individual opinion, discussions with the developer community and by organising and running beta/alpha programmes

I was a Senior Developer in charge of the user interfaces and front-end development of Jewel Paymentech's suite of products, and my days consisted of:

  • Optimising and refactoring existing codebases to improve the performance of our products, and customer's user experience
  • Standardising coding style and improving front-end documentation to facilitate the on-boarding of new team members
  • Establishing a style guide for Jewel Paymentech products for a consistent branding and ease of new product development
  • Building of prototypes or proof-of-concept systems for explorative research projects
  • Working closely with other team members across various disciplines to continually enhance our existing product line and develop new products

I was a Front-end engineer focused on the development of user interfaces and front-end development of web and mobile applications, and I was mostly doing things like:

  • Providing input and developing user interfaces for each phase of the application development life cycle, from ideation to design and development till release and support
  • Assisting in building prototypes or proof-of-concept systems for explorative research projects
  • Working closely with other team members across various disciplines to develop software applications

I was a Senior developer responsible for planning and architecting website implementation projects, as well as management of resources. I focused on all things front-end related, making sure our code base adhered to the latest web standards and was performant and accessible. A typical day in the office usually involved:

  • Working closely with designers, providing direction on the viability of proposed designs
  • Planning and designing front-end architecture for scalability and maintainability
  • Re-factoring and resurrecting legacy code to adhere to modern web standards
  • Developing bespoke websites for a variety of clients and campaigns
  • Assessing hardware requirements for optimal server provisioning
  • Creating custom front-end frameworks for large-scale responsive web projects

I was a Drupal architect and worked on a variety of projects with several major clients, including DBS bank, Mediacorp and Microsoft as well as the San Francisco International Airport. I honed all my web development chops here and this was what I spent my time doing:

  • Design responsive layouts, typography and site components for optimal user experience
  • Develop responsive custom Drupal themes written in Sass and Susy
  • Build, deploy and maintain Drupal sites using best practices to ensure scalability and security
  • Submit patches and bug fixes to contrib modules
  • Develop and continually tweak a minimal base-theme to facilitate custom theme development
  • Write blog posts on Drupal and other web-related topics

I was part of the Project Management Office on a Core Banking Implementation for a Major Banking Group in Malaysia as an Associate consultant. Working with a team of more than a hundred strong highlighted the importance of accountability, communication and documentation. I managed the overall project issue log as well as prepared weekly updates to project leadership. I was also responsible for defect analysis, and liaised with the developers to facilitate issue resolution.

I was a web developer for the Malaysia Basketball Association from 2009 to 2010, which is when I got my first taste of web development. At the same time, I served as the editorial board for the publication of the Fundamental Ways to Better Basketball manual. I also took on a variety of graphic design engagements between 2006 till 2011.


University of Nottingham
(2006-2008) BA (Hons) Finance, Accounting and Management (2:1)

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