Learning Cordova while rewriting an app

This is a “refactoring legacy code” post, and I suspect you’ll see more of these in the months to come because I’ve …

Drupal 101: Theming Drupal 8 with gulp

Around two years ago, I wrote a post called Drupal 101: Theming Drupal 7 with gulp, which covered some basics about Sass and gulp.

Gulp, Jekyll and GitHub (pages)

After more than a year with Jekyll, I’ve settled into a workflow that allows me to spin up and develop new sites really …

Drupal 101: Theming Drupal 7 with gulp

Update: There’s a newer post that covers the gulp setup for theming Drupal 8 which highlights a few changes from this post.

Drupal 101: Getting started with Drupal 7 theming

Update: I finally got around to writing that Drupal 8 theming post after two years. With Drupal 8 just around the corner, it may …