Building a Windows 3.1 application in 2019

Oh, how time flies. A little over 2 years ago, we had the first Super Silly Hackathon, and yesterday we had our third one.

Internet Explorer 3, an adventure in cross-browser compatibility

Some of you might know that I run the CSS meetup, Talk.CSS in Singapore together with my best mate, Wei. If you didn’t, you …

Windows 3.1, a walk down memory lane

Welcome to yet another edition of Hui Jing doing things that have no practical use but do it anyway because why the hell not?

Hardware hacks: Super Silly Hackathon

I got the chance to do a bit of travelling this year, and managed to meet a lot of developers from different parts of the world.

Reminiscing the 90s and other random thoughts

So I’m fresh off the latest iteration of Hackware, a monthly meetup for hardware developers and enthusiasts in Singapore and …